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Optional Extra Lighting For Your Own Bespoke Look

I offer some stylish optional extras alongside my selection of disco shows to make your event even more special and unique. You can add anything you want to your chosen show from this section to create your own bespoke look from Uplighting, Monogram Projection, a Love Letter DJ Booth, a Mirror Ball, a Show Quality Laser, a TV or Projector & Screen for a slideshow to Silk Flame Effect lights.

Venue Uplighting

The most cost effective way that you can transform your venue. I programme the lights to compliment your colour scheme which make a beautiful backdrop for your first dance. The lights can then either be set to your colours for the whole night, slowly fade from one colour to another or flash in time to the music to raise the excitement for the disco. See my Uplighting Page for a lot more information and photographs.

Cadbury's Purple Uplighting At Bartley Lodge

Cadbury’s Purple Uplighting At Bartley Lodge

4 x Uplighters – £100

8 x Uplighters – £200

12 x Uplighters – £300

Monogram Projection

I can project a personalised monogram onto the dancefloor, wall, or any flat surface for any occasion from weddings, birthdays to product launches. This is an excellent way to personalise your party or event, it adds a touch of glass and looks great in all of the photographs.

I can project your names onto the dancefloor


Love Letter DJ Booth

You can add the new unique “Love Letter” DJ booth to your show which is very popular at weddings. The booth can be set to your wedding colours for the first dance which makes a great backdrop for your photos. The booth is controlled by the amazing Madrix software as used by the best nightclubs. Any colour can be selected and synchronised with the LED lighting bars and the music.

Love Letter DJ Booth - Pink


Mirror Ball

Why not add a classic 16” mirror ball for a touch of class. It is a stylish way to set the scene for your first dance and will add to the romance of this very special moment. The mirror ball is a great disco effect which makes a big impact throughout the evening and is still hard to beat.

Classic Mirror Ball



Add my new amazing Swislas 1.8 watt RGB laser to the disco. This professional show laser never fails to get peoples attention and is a great way to add the wow factor to your event. The laser is one of those mesmerising effects that adds an exciting new dimension to the light show.   My Pangolin laser software contains 2000 excellent animations, images, beam sequences and abstract patterns which dance in time to the music.

The software also enables me to be one of the few DJ’s to be able to write personalised laser messages onto the wall to make your party even more unique. The bride and grooms names can be projected onto a wall behind them during the first dance or a birthday congratulations message from family and friends can be projected during a party.

In venues and marquees where you are allowed to use a haze machine the laser looks even more stunning as the beams of light shoot all around the room and fans of light create a liquid sky effect.
 (See more Laser information on my Equipment Page which also contains more photos and a video of the laser in action)

Martin Lake Roadshows Laser
Hampshire Laser Hire
Southampton Disco Laser Animation
Hampshire Laser


48″ Smart TV or a Projector & Screen

Add a 48″ TV or a projector and screen to your wedding or party to show photo slideshows or video. You can show slideshows of when you were growing up, your school days, holidays, friends & family or when you first met your partner.

The Samsung 48″ What Hi Fi award winning smart TV can show your pictures in stunning HD. You can connect your USB memory sticks containing photos or video files or Laptops directly to the TV. There are also multiple HDMI inputs for other devices.

Laptops can be connected directly to the projector with USB and there is an HDMI input for HDMI devices like DVD players. The projector is short throw so can work in minimal spaces which is essential in function rooms with limited space. A 55 inch picture can be projected from 1 metre away and an 80 inch picture from 1.4 metres.

A Projector For Wedding Slideshows


2 x Silk Flame Effect Lights

Adding a couple of silk flame effect lights looks great either side of the main internal entrance doorway of a room or each side of a stage or any area that you need some extra ambient light without spoiling the atmosphere with white light.

Add Flame Effect Lights To Your Southampton Disco


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