Please Note – After almost 40 years as a DJ I have decided to hang up my headphones after my last wedding in August 2024. I have performed at over 4000 weddings, Parties and Modern Jive nights and have had the most amazing time with lots of incredible memories.
I have met lots of lovely people and some real characters along this amazing journey from bride and grooms, customers, guests and fellow DJs. I have created memories that I will cherish forever and am very proud in playing my part in so many unforgettable weddings and parties. There will always be music in my life as I cue up the next chapter, press play and enjoy life!

Uplighting Weddings & Parties In Hampshire, Southampton & The New Forest

Uplighting beautifully transforms the room to tie in with your colour scheme, matching the chair covers, and decoration. Wedding photos and videos are also greatly enhanced with a backdrop of light which compliments your colour scheme.

Kim & Marks First Dance - Teal Uplighting

How Uplighting Can Transform Your Venue

Uplighting placed around the walls will make a plain venue look more beautiful and a good venue look spectacular. The uplighting will project columns of light up the walls giving definition and colour to the wall whilst also reflecting light onto the ceiling.  Architectural features such as archways, pillars and fireplaces can be highlighted which make them stand out as stunning focal points.

You may want the lights set to your chosen colours for your first dance and then have them slowly fading from one beautiful colour to another once the dancing starts or flash in time to the music.

Uplighting the marquee wedding party

You Choose The Colour

You choose the colour or a selection of colours of your choice maybe to tie in with the colour scheme of your wedding. The lights can be set to any one of 64,000 colours.

Here are some examples of uplighting projected onto the white lining of a Marquee showing some of the colours that can be programmed.

Marquee Uplighting - DJ Martin Lake

Marquee Uplighting - DJ Martin Lake


Marquee Uplighting - DJ Martin Lake

Burnt Orange Uplighting On Fireplace and Wall - Rhinefield House

Burnt Orange Uplighting On Fireplace and Wall – Rhinefield House

Uplighting To Compliment The Teal Colour Scheme

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