Wedding Uplighting: “3 Things Brides Should Know About Uplighting”

I have been providing wedding uplighting with my Southampton Disco for a few years now and have put together a few tips to help brides to understand some important points when hiring their uplighting.

Uplighting has been transformed over the last few years with the introduction of LED technology. Traditional high powered lamps use to get very hot and were a fire hazard if placed close to anything flammable and would also burn anybody touching them.

The introduction of cool to the touch LED lamps opened up the possibilities of using uplighting in a way that it has never been used before and very quickly started to be used as an effective way of transforming venues with lighting.

This has been particularly popular at weddings as it gave the ability to match the colour of the venues walls to the bride’s colour scheme.

If you are going to hire uplighting for your wedding there are 3 things that you should know. There are 3 ways that uplighting can be set up for your wedding, all of which have a different effect and greatly vary in setting up time (which should be reflected in the cost).

Static Stand Alone – This is where the lights are plugged into the wall, set to a static colour and left on that colour for the whole duration of the party. This is fine for some situations but is limiting as they cannot be dimmed or controlled very easily.

Master/Slave Mode – This is where each light is joined together with either a dmx lead (or wirelessly) and pre-programmed colours and chases are operated by using the controls on the back of the master light (the first light in the chain) to control all of the lights. This is a lot more effective than the first option and takes a lot longer to set up.

Full DMX Control With Light Controller – This is by far the most effective way of operating uplights. It is set up similar to master/slave mode where all of the lights are connected together but the final connection is to a light controller.

The advantage of this is that you are not restricted to the 10 or so pre- programmed colours in the lights but can programme any shade of colour you like from a choice of 64,000 colours. You can also easily dim the lights down, fade them from one colour to another at the touch of a button or set up light chases and have light chasing around the room in different sequences and colours to music.

So next time somebody says they provide uplighting, ask how it is set up and controlled to make sure they provide the effect and colours that you are looking for.


MartinLakeWedding Uplighting: “3 Things Brides Should Know About Uplighting”