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Why Does Your Disco Cost More?

This is a fair question and something that is often asked by people that are shopping around and comparing prices. Actually my disco is competitively priced and very good value for money and this is why:

When hiring a disco you have to understand that you are not hiring a product but a person and his service. That person will have varying levels of skill and experience which will have a direct effect on the success of your party. They will also spend different amounts of preparation time beforehand to make sure that you have an amazing night. This can range from 10+ hours for a complex “All Day” wedding package to the DJ that just turns up on the night, may not even know your names, what type of music you like and doesn’t have your first dance!

There is a vast difference in the quality of DJs! You are not going to pay the same for a DJ who has worked a few nights in a youth club, turns up unprepared and tries to wing it as one that has performed at hundreds, maybe thousands of nights, gained a brilliant reputation, has amazing reviews, can read and adapt to any crowd, has vast music knowledge, can comfortably present on the microphone, can seamlessly mix the music, make the venue look amazing with lighting and manage the whole night so that everything flows for an unforgettable party.

The DJ is the most important part of the disco but that DJ also needs good equipment! What’s the point of having the best music if it is played through a cheap distorted sound system with the microphone feeding back? That is the quickest way to get your guests to leave early, probably with headaches.

The lighting equipment is also very important and will have a big visual impact on the appearance and atmosphere in the venue. A good DJ with quality lighting controlled live by a DMX desk that can be dimmed, colour changed, speed changed or dance through exciting custom programmed lightshows to music will make your party shine and come to life.  Cheap disco lighting with no control looks tacky, is very annoying for guests and does nothing to add to the atmosphere of a party. I have seen DJs use fast cheap disco lighting for a first dance totally ruining the moment. Lighting should be used to help create and enhance different moods, add excitement and match the energy of the music, not just set and forget!

The quality of the DJs equipment has also got to be reflected in the price. You are not going to pay the same with a DJ using £2000 worth of equipment as that same DJ using £30,000 worth of equipment.
See below what makes my disco unique and some information on the quality of equipment that I use.

What Is Unique About Your Disco?

I have lots of strengths and good selling points like being a specialist wedding DJ, having one of the best wedding sound & lightshows in the area, excellent music knowledge, a vast music collection,  brilliant testimonials, good customer service etc but below are some unique selling points of my disco:

  • DJ Martin Lake – Every DJ is different – I have my own style that is successful which is reflected in many satisfied customers, 5 star reviews and repeat bookings. I custom design, program and operate my impressive lightshows. I am a versatile DJ that can adapt to all ages and lots of different styles of music.
  • Nexo Sound System – I have a crystal clear quality Nexo sound system (one of very few in the area) which makes you want to just get up and dance. Having a good sound system is a major ingredient for a great party!
  • My Lightshows – I use quality stylish lighting which is specially selected to create the biggest impact and wow factor. I custom program my lighting for dynamic lightshows to music which creates a show rather than just having some lights flashing in the corner. I can also match your colour scheme and create a beautiful scene for your first dance.
  • Madrix LED Lighting Control – I am one of very few DJs that use Madrix brilliant LED software to control my lighting bars and DJ Booth.  This is one of the most advanced LED control software’s in the industry as used by the top clubs around the world. Madrix advanced audio analytics detects the key, frequency and volume of the music making my custom lightshows really exiting as they dance along synchronising perfectly with the music in an ever changing dynamic show.  
  • My Show Options – I have a selection of totally unique show options to choose from or you can create your own bespoke look. You will never see a disco look exactly the same as mine.
  • Swisslas 1.8 Laser Option – I have a Swisslas show quality Laser option operated by Pangolin laser software. I can write your names and messages on the walls, project animated dancers dancing in time to the music and mesmerising beam shows around the venue.
  • Quality Battery Powered Uplighters – I can add battery powered wi fi controlled uplighting anywhere in the room. The beautiful lighting can be set to one colour or a selection of colours to match your colour scheme or can chase around the room in different patterns to music.

Unique Stylish Modern

Everybody Says They Have Good Equipment!

Occasionally when in conversation with somebody about the quality of the equipment that I use, they will say something like the other DJ has good equipment as well and he is £100 cheaper than you. I have spent a lot of money on my equipment, probably more than most mobile DJs but I do like quality sound & lighting. I don’t normally like saying how much things cost but sometimes that is the only way to give people an understanding of the quality of what they are hiring.

Here is a list of some of the major items that I use which is not the cost of my complete disco which is considerably more than this but gives an idea of the quality. It’s also useful for the techno boffins when comparing equipment or the “my mate can do a disco for £150” brigade. This does not include the thousands of pounds that I have spent on my music collection over the years.

Sound System
Nexo PS 10 R2 Speakers – £2,456
Nexo LS600 Speaker – £1,477
Nexo Speaker Processor – £645
Powersoft M30D Amp – £999
Powersoft M28Q Amp – £1,300
Denon 6000 Mk 2 Controller – £550
Denon DN 1200 Media Player – £350
Macbook Pro 17 (Main) – £2000
Sennheiser D1 Radio Mic – £580
Wharfdale Monitor Speaker – £250
Main Sound System Total – £10,607
Madrix Basic Lighting Software – £900
Madrix Controlled DJ Booth & Screens – £5000
Thinkpad for Madrix Control – £350
Swisslas Laser & Pangolin Software – £2,000
Martin SCX700 Scanners – £1,800
Martin SCX600 Lighting Effect – £550
ADJ Dotz 1.4 Lighting Bars – £1,032
ADJ Ikon Gobo Projector – £234
DMX Lighting Controllers – £300
Uplighting – £2,500
Main Lighting Items Total – £14,666
Backup Sound System
Denon DN4500 – £450
Behringer 1000 Mixer – £150
Behringer B212 Speakers – £400
Macbook Pro 17 (backup) – £2,000
Thinkpad for Madrix Control (backup) – £350
Backup Sound System Total – £3,350
The Laser Show At A Wedding- DJ Martin Lake

The Laser Show

How Will You Make My Party Amazing?

Apart from the DJ skills and the equipment the other important factor for a great party is the preparation beforehand. This involves getting to know you through one or two meetings, listening to what you want and helping you plan your ideal party. I can offer advice and suggestions on past experiences, tell you about different key special moments that can be introduced to take your party to another level and be able to guide you on the timings so that the whole night flows perfectly.

The music is a very important part of the night and I encourage you to give me a request list or guide of what you like. I also ask for a “do not play list”. I can spend up to several hours organising your music into sets which I can also mix in with similar tracks for a great personalised soundtrack on the night.

During the night I am constantly looking at dancefloor reaction and adapting to what is happening… my aim is to give you a brilliant party based around the music that you and your guests love. I also find out your wedding colours and talk you through how I can light the venue and make it look special. I can also tell you about how I can set a beautiful colour matched lighting scene for your first dance which will look lovely for the photographs.

So this is how I will make your party amazing:

• A meeting before booking – to find out what you want and give advice
• A meeting after booking – to fine tune all of the arrangements from the music, colours of the lighting, the key people involved, organising the special moments, and confirming the timings so everything runs smoothly for an amazing day
• Pre-party preparation – I will thoroughly prepare several weeks in advance, organise the music into sets and download tracks that I don’t have, program any uplighting colours and design monograms if hired, make up running schedules and checklists so everything runs perfectly on the day.
• Email support – I am available for those last minute requests and questions for peace of mind
• High quality lightshow – One of the best wedding lightshows in the area will beautifully light up and add excitement to your party
• Nexo sound system – One of the best wedding sound systems in the area will sound brilliant and make your guests just want to get up and dance
• Extensive music collection– I can entertain all ages with my vast music collection ranging from the 1940’s up to the very latest charts. I subscribe to CD Pool which is a DJ subscription service and get all the latest charts, dance mixes and radio promos downloaded each week
• DJ Martin Lake – I will use my years of experience to give you an amazing party

Hopefully I have explained that you are not just booking a disco as discos are not all the same, you are booking Martin Lake and his high quality disco and I will make sure that you have an unforgettable party.

So the answer to the question: My disco is unique and very competitively priced with other DJs in the same league, it’s good value for money based on my extensive experience and reputation of providing brilliant parties, the level of service that I provide and the very high quality of equipment that I use.

Contact me today to secure your date before it gets booked so we can start planning your amazing party!

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